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    At FuseDSM, we focus on intentional networking within our community to promote education, business relationships and buying local. Best part, you can try us on without being a member by simply following our blog.

    Beyond the reach of just networking, FuseDSM offers special opportunities to non-profit organizations to achieve better brand awareness, and learn from other leaders in the community. At FuseDSM we are in fact a non-profit organization that encourages growth not only for businesses large and small in Des Moines, but also for numerous non-profit associations in the metro area. Just check out our non-profit member list here.

    For many Americans, health insurance is out of reach due to premiums and deductibles becoming increasingly unaffordable.

    The holidays are a time for family; a time to reconnect, enjoy food and drink, and carry out traditions. If your loved one is living with dementia, you may also feel like the holidays are a time of extra stress and worry. How will Grandpa react if we have people over for a holiday party? Will he recognize his children and grandchildren? Should I take him shopping with me?

    While the season of planning for the next calendar year always seems to come so quickly, it’s important that you give yourself and your team enough time to properly plan for the myriad financial considerations that come with the end of the year.

    To be an entrepreneur is to be ambitious and have a vision. It also means tending to the details and staying organized.

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