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    • Introduction:

      The Des Moines Junior Chamber International (JCI - aka Jaycees) is a local network of young, active citizens in the Des Moines area. They live, communicate, work, and create positive impact in their local communities. They are a non-profit organization with members between the ages of 18 to 40. The Jaycees develop the skills, knowledge, and understanding to make informed decisions and take action. The Des Moines Chapter has monthly membership meetings called the Next Step Series. Their board invites local experts to speak about various topics salient to young professionals. They also aim to host monthly socials and networking opportunities to meet and develop relationships with other motivated members. The Jaycees organizations strives to create positive impact by offering various community service opportunities to the Des Moines area. 

      Mission Statement:

      To provide development opportunities that empower young people to create positive change. 

      Connection with the Chamber:

      The Des Moines JCI Chamber is the young professionals arm of the Des Moines East & South Chamber of Commerce, allowing an environment for civic-minded young professionals to connect, serve, and create opportunities for positive change within the Des Moines community.



      Next Step Series:

      An informative bi-monthly series of professional and personal development opportunities covering a wide range of topics towards achieving a work-life balance with the goal of leading young professionals to exceed their career goals while also excelling in their personal life goals. 

      Community Service Partnerships:

      With a keen focus on Veterans, homelessness, and animal welfare, the Jaycees actively partner with organizations and causes that share the same mutual civic goals and community impact. The Jaycees have long standing relationships with organizations such as Iowa Sister States, Iowa Homeless Youth Center, Orchard Place, JOPPA, and Paws & Effect. 

      Networking Opportunities & Social Events:

      The Jaycees work hard and play hard. While they serve the community together, Des Moines JCI creates opportunities for their members to connect socially and build business relationships. These events in principal support local businesses through revenue driven to the business as well as promoting awareness of the businesses our community has to offer. 


      Member Benefits:

      Leadership development through community involvement has been the basis of the JCI since its inception in 1920. The goal of the not-for-profit organization is to provide members a means to reach their full potential through networking and personal growth opportunities, and is ideal for proactive young people ages 18 to 40. Members enhance a variety of skills as they work together to plan and run civic and individual development activities in their home communities and chapters, such as: 

      • Developing a business plan for maximum success and impact for each event
      • Learning to successfully manage volunteers
      • Communicating effectively, public speaking, and debating as a team
      • Discovering the needs of the community and managing resources to meet them
      • Organizing efforts to make the most of dollars raised and hours volunteered

      All members have unique talents to offer. The Jaycees provide them an outlet to share those talents in programs and projects that benefit other members, as well as the community at large. Involvement with the Des Moines JCI will provide opportunities to meet people, impact the community, and apply skills to enhance one's career. 

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