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    That Digital Rush



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    ''OH MY GOSH! I feel like I can do ANYTHING now!'' is something I'm used to hearing after I help someone get started in digital marketing. And it never gets old - I love it! This can happen after something as simple as setting up a Facebook Business page or setting up their first Adwords campaign, or even creating a marketing strategy plan. Clients walk away feeling empowered, inspired, and ready to take on the world!!! I love watching their excitement and have dubbed it the ''Digital Rush''. I know the feeling too and it's awesome! To see what you've accomplished and knowing it can only get better. What a rush!

    MORE ABOUT ME: I absolutely LOVE the marketing process. Understanding customers, testing strategies, tracking and analyzing results, and watching projects grow with success. My past work experience has kept me involved in ground-breaking communication platforms via new media solutions for a number of national brands (email, onsite, video, social media). My experiences over the past 15+ years also includes numerous opportunities where I have been involved with more established forms of communications (brochures, direct mail, space ads).

    What are you working on? What are the goals and dreams of your projects? I'd love to hear more about it! You can email me at ashley@akwerner.com. Talk soon!

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