• Business After Hours

  • Create an opportunity for Chamber members to get to know you and what your business has to offer by hosting a Business After Hours.  Provide appetizers, drinks, and specials (depending on your business), drawings, etc.  You can also incorporate the BAH into a related company event.


    Cost: $250
    *Pay prior to marketing the event. Make checks payable to: Des Moines East and South Chamber
    *No Charge for guests to attend

    What the chamber provides:

    Prior to the event:

    • Meet with the host to make sure all details are clear, what they can expect from you, what you expect from them.
    • Market the event to the chamber membership:
      •  On the Chamber Website
      •  In the Chamber Newsletter
      •  Send info to DM Register
      •  At all chamber events
    • RSVP’s in advance
    • Prepare list of attendees
    • Print name tags

    At the event:

    • Fish Bowl – collect business cards during the event
    • Registration – welcome people, bring name tags, collect BC for drawings
    • Offer chamber information as well as host info if they provide it.
    • Bring chamber banner(s)

    After the event:

    • Provide a list of the attendees to the host
    • Send pictures to the DMRegister from the event


    What the host provides: (not all required, but suggested):

    Market the event:

    • To their clients, neighbors, friends, family, vendors, etc.
    • On their website, newsletters, marketing material
    • Food/drinks/entertainment
    • Door prizes
    • Think outside the box to bring people in, tour your location, give discounts for goods, offer promotional items/goodies, give a short 3 minute program 1-2 times to thank everyone and introduce your staff.
  • Upcoming Events

  • FuseDSM is granted the right to use the attendee's name and/or likeness in photograph(s), video(s) and/or other digital media (hereafter “Photographs”) to promote FuseDSM in print and online publications, presentations, websites, and/or social media. The individual will not receive compensation for appearing in said Photographs.