• T.I.E. Benefits

  • 'Tying our Vision to our Mission'

    T.I.E. benefits are a new and extended Golden Circle Membership. A task force was created to review opportunities that would bring more exposure and exclusiveness to business members.

    We hope you take the time to consider one of these three levels of membership that go above and beyond your investment in the organization and the community. The chamber is proud to be a resource for the business community to prosper.

    The three levels are featured below with a few of the key opportunities. 
    Each of them have many other benefits - see the full list HERE.

    TRUST: $3,500 cost/$12,350 value
    *Limited to four members

    • Billboard
    • Email Signature
    • Membership Dues
    • Mailing Labels
    • Sponsor One Diverse Business 


    INFLUENCE: $2,000 cost/$4,730 value
    *Limited to ten members

    • Email Signature
    • Sponsor One Diverse Business
    • Trade Booth Display (lower panel)
    • Golf Hole Sponsorship


    EMERGE: $500 cost/$1,760 value

    • Trade booth display
    • Web banner
    • Newsletter


  • Upcoming Events

  • FuseDSM is granted the right to use the attendee's name and/or likeness in photograph(s), video(s) and/or other digital media (hereafter “Photographs”) to promote FuseDSM in print and online publications, presentations, websites, and/or social media. The individual will not receive compensation for appearing in said Photographs.