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  • One Simple Tactic for Leaders

    One Simple Tactic for Leaders

    If organizations implemented just one simple tactic at the end of every meeting, they’d see immense results in no time. 


    The tactic: Ask for immediate feedback on how the meeting went. 


    The question (or questions) are very simply:

    • What went well in this meeting?

    • What didn’t go well?

    • What could we do better to make it more efficient/effective next time?


    Now you may think that your company does a great job of accepting feedback, or that people already feel comfortable sharing what’s on their minds. However, what happens when it’s not “common practice” to do Direct Model Feedback is people tend to keep ideas and opinions to themselves for fear of ruffling feathers, retribution, or losing their job. 


    The bottom line is you’re either promoting honest feedback or you’re (unknowingly) squelching it. 


    Start, very simply, by asking everyone at the end of a meeting how they thought this meeting went, what went well, what didn’t, and what we could do to improve. Then execute on the improvements. 


    Great leaders are willing to accept and give fearless feedback. They foster environments where this is not only acceptable, it’s encouraged.  

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