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    Central Iowa Trauma Recovery Center


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    Central Iowa Trauma Recovery Center is a culturally responsive trauma recovery center that utilizes innovative trauma-informed practices that are evidence-based. CITRC employs holistic interventions that are designed to help understand, enhance, empower, and foster resilience for survivors and their families. While we connect with clients in the office, most of our work happens where our clients live, work and move. Access to critical supports are vital during times of crisis, so our highly qualified multidisciplinary team of professionals will come to you from a safe and non-judgmental lens.

    CITRC is the first trauma recovery center (TRC) located in Iowa, and the 25th in the United States. CITRC is part of the National Alliance of Trauma Recovery Centers, a membership which represents a national movement to reimagine the culture, care, and treatment centered on survivors of trauma. One that is focused on establishing an organizational culture of compassion, health, and healing for survivors and providers.

    Our mission is to enhance the process of healing and recovery for survivors of trauma and loss through intensive mental health services, advocacy and innovative supports.

    Our vision is elevation of the standard of care for Iowa's trauma recovery system through the utilization of culturally-responsive evidence based practices.

    Our dedicated multidisciplinary team of professionals will help you navigate the process of healing and recovery through innovative therapeutic interventions and clinical case management services. You are not alone.

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