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    Our organization provides the spark and energy every business needs to ignite growth and prosperity through purposeful connections. Our brand promise is to provide effective resources, knowledge and passionate advocacy to local businesses. We work tirelessly for our members to generate dynamic business opportunities unlike those found anywhere in the city.


    Our culture is fueled by providing innovative solutions to the diverse range of businesses we serve. We are thought leaders. We are passionate and authentic. We are collaborators. We are fire starters looking to ignite economic growth for every one of our members.


    We are a community of business owners stimulated by providing explosive business growth opportunities forged from diversity, collaboration and authentic human interaction. We champion the success of our members with dignity and support one another with pride. Passionate integrity is fused into the very core of our community where hard work, inclusion and meaningful relationships define our past, present and future.



    Our organization thrives on creating networking solutions that are engaging and thoughtful.

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  • Meet Krista Lindholm

    What is your role at Oasis, A Paychex Company and what is your favorite part about it?

    My role at Oasis, A Paychex Company is Director of Business Development.  I enjoy working with the small to mid-sized business owners and helping them better understand how the different employment rules and regulations can affect their businesses. We help take the “I don’t know, what I don’t know” out of the equation.  I assist these business owners with outsourcing functions related to HR.  They continue to run their business and we handle the paperwork behind the scenes that is required when you have employees.

    ​​What is your favorite thing about being part of the FuseDSM Firestarter?

    I think the best part about being a part of the FuseDSM Firestarter is the great group of people I’ve met.  The Firestarters are a very welcoming group that really want what’s best for the FuseDSM members, and work hard to make connections amongst the members.

    ​​​What is your favorite FuseDSM event or program to attend and why would you suggest someone attend?

    I am a relatively new member to FuseDSM, and have not had the opportunity to attend all the different events that are made available throughout the year.  I recently attended the TOSS (Taste of Something Spectacular) and was really impressed by the attendance and vendors on hand to showcase their specialties.  It was a great event to make some new connections.  I also like to golf so I’m looking forward to the FuseDSM Fore! Golf Tournament too!!

    ​​​ How can you help our members through your position at the Oasis, A Paychex Company?

    You can think of us as a technology company that specializes in Human Resources, Payroll, Employee Benefits & Risk Management.  We use technology to help you gain operational efficiencies, control cost, reduce your liability exposure and give you the tools you need to help attract and retain top talent in this very competitive, low unemployment society that we are all currently living in.           

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  • Trish Flaherty-Barnes
  • Trish Flaherty-Barnes

    President & CEO

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  • Melisa Beede

    Director of Operations

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  • Bailey Lewellen

    Marketing & Events Coordinator

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